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Friday, July 24, 2015
Jianbo; Meng Zhang; Wei Liu; Liyang Liu of FAMSUN
As an essential part of FAMSUN's extruder machinery, the single-screw extruder (for aquafeed, raw materials) is widely used in feed plants. The removal of screws has always been a problem in the operation of the extruder machinery. Every manufacturer may have its own removal tool kit, yet few can offer satisfactory solutions.
Half of the birds reared worldwide are estimated to suffer from the consequences of heat stress during the summer period. The first visible sign is an increase in the water: feed ratio, however recent research has also shown that excessively hot conditions have an impact on the gut structure and its permeability. Reduced feed consumption and decreased intestinal integrity and function result in the decreased energy intake, animal discomfort and the reduced performance parameters associated with summer months. An effective building temperature control ...
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