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The main objective of this trial will be to determine the effect of a specific nutritional strategy (supplementation with FRA Monoglycerides) as an alternative to in feed medication on parenteral antimicrobial usage and health and welfare indicators in growing pigs. The hypothesis is that this treatment will be equally as efficient as 'in-feed' medication (i.e. antibiotics) at protecting pigs against infection and maintaining their health and welfare.
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Tim Goossens, Maja Marien, Nutriad; Alessandra De Cesare, Gerardo Manfreda, Department of Agricultural and Food Science, University of Bologna, Italy
Apart from its well-documented trial on zootechnical performance, the tested butyrate product can therefore prove to be a valuable approach to reduce the number of human campylobacteriosis cases, by significantly limiting Campylobacter colonisation in broilers.
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