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Red discolouration of fully cooked poultry meat
D. P. Smith, J. K. Northcutt

Many factors affect redness of cooked poultry meat. Live bird factors, including bird age, strain, mouldy feed, type of feed, and lack of feed withdrawal prior to processing contributed to increased muscle redness. Processing factors may also increase muscle redness, while further processing may increase pinking.


Redness is typically more prevalent when meat is cooked at lower endpoint temperatures. Intense redness, sometimes accompanied by ''bloody'' liquid, has been observed in the commercial further processing industry.


Intense red, bloody, localised discolouration of bone-in fully cooked product is a severe defect. One report showed that 0.4 percent of commercial products showed this defect. Less research has been conducted on this type of discoloration than other meat colour problems due to sporadic occurrence.


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Article made possible through the contribution of North Carolina University, and Clemson University.

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