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The influence of diets supplemented with conjugated linoleic acid, selenium, and vitamin E, with or without animal protein, on the quality of pork from female pigs
R.W.Purchas, V.K.Corrigan, S.Cumarasamy, B.H.P.Wilkinson, W.H.Hendriks, J.A.M. Janz and P.C.H.Morel

An important determinant of the nutritional quality of meat, apart from its nutrient content is the presence of compounds that are not nutrients but contains bio-active properties that are beneficial to the health and well-being of consumers.  However, whether meat products with particular strengths in these areas will be acceptable to consumers depends on the extent to which other aspects of meat quality such as appearance and palatability are affected.


It is reported that by dietary manipulation, pork from female Duroc-cross pigs could be produced with enhanced concentrations of CLA, selenium and vitamin E which can be achieved after all animal products in the diet had been replaced with plant products.


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Article made possible through the contribution of American Society of Animal Science.
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