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Effects of stripping frequency on semen quality of endangered caspian brown trout, Salmo trutta caspius
Saeed Hajirezaee, Bagher Mojazi Amiri and Ali Reza Mirvaghefi

The availability of semen with desirable quality is one of the critical factors necessary to increase the efficiency of artificial fertilisation of fish species. Several studies have described semen characteristics which can influence quality. Whereas, few studies have shown that the fish semen characteristics could be affected by stripping frequency.


The Caspian brown trout, Salmo trutta caspius is a critically endangered anadromous species being considered for a biological conservation program in the southern Caspian sea.  Specific objectives of this study were to estimate the required number of males in the hatchery on the basics of their ability in the production of semen during spawning period, the number of available mature females, and to determine the possible semen components related to sperm motility. Hence, this may be useful for formulation of species-specific extender solution for cryopreservation of semen of Caspian brown trout.


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