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Baseline data from a Belgium-wide survey of Campylobacter species contamination in chicken meat preparation and considerations for a reliable monitoring system
Ihab Habib,  Imca Sampers,Mieke Uyttendaele, Dirk Berkvens and Lieven De Zutter 

Both C. jejuni and C. coli are recognised as the leading zoonotic causes of human gastrointestinal disease in Europe. The major risk factor for human infection is believed to derive from consumption or mishandling of raw or undercooked chicken meat.  The contamination of Belgian poultry carcasses and meat infected with Campylobacter has been monitored since year 2000 by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), and the rate of positive samples is regarded as stable but high.


Chicken meat preparations span a range of ready-to-cook products with a similarity of being manipulated excessively during processing.  At such, they have a potential for Campylobacter contamination on both surface and interior of the meat.


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Article made possible through the contribution of American Society of Microbiology.

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