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Population diversity of yeasts and lactic acid bacteria in pig feed fermented with whey, wet wheat distillers' grains, or water at different temperatures
Volkmar Passoth, Johan Schnurer, Jan Erik Lindberg, Karin Lyberg and Martilda Olstorpe

The use of fermented wet feed for pigs has increased world-wide during the last decade, incorporating a variety of fermentation techniques and feedstuffs.  Fermented feed is produced by the incubation of solid material (ie, cereals and grains) together with a liquid phase (ie, whey or wet distillers' grains).


Whey and wet distillers' grain may contain high numbers of micro-organisms that can also positively simulate the development of a beneficial microbial population in feed. The fermented wet feed reduces the pH and the number of coliform bacteria in the animal gastrointestinal tract.


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Article made possible through the contribution of American Society of Microbiology.

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