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Recent trends in gut health management
Tobias Steiner

The latest increases in feed commodities and energy prices indicate their scarcity. Thus follows further increasing cost of production in animal husbandry on a global level.


Concerns surface from this situation: How will animal food producers meet the increasing demand for safe food of a rapidly growing population accompanying these increased production cost? Moreover, how can we cope with a pertinent and increasing pressure of pathogens in the food chain? What can be done to counteract increasing resistance of several pathogens to antibiotics?


It is of major importance to improve the efficiency of production rapidly and implement specific strategies based on natural feed ingredients. Consequently, any measures that may improve digestibility, feed conversion and also allow for the use of non-conventional feedstuffs and byproducts are urgently required. Undoubtedly, future animal nutrition will be more than just formulating diets to meet the nutrient requirements of animals.


New concepts have to focus on feed and food safety, as well as on long-term productivity, thus being sustainable and profitable.


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