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Broiler production: Considerations for potential growers

Damona Doye, Brian Freking, Joshua Payne

In 2004, broiler production was the second largest agricultural revenue generator in Oklahoma, trailing only income from cattle and calves. Broiler receipts have grown dramatically in the past decade to US$624 million in 2004 compared to US$240 million in 1993. Contract broiler production is concentrated in the eastern tier of Oklahoma counties. The success of contract broiler production in eastern Oklahoma is directly related to the success of poultry companies (integrators) located in Arkansas. Eastern Oklahoma has benefited from the integrators' expansion to capitalize on increased consumer demand for poultry products.


This fact sheet discusses factors which someone evaluating broiler production as an alternative and/or complementary farm enterprise should consider. Factors to consider range from the availability of an integrator to waste management and environmental considerations.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Oklahoma State University.

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