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Thursday, November 2, 2006 9:37:37 AM
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Callamatic 2

Big Dutchman



Big Dutchman's feeding-on-demand system Callamatic 2 is a computer-controlled feeding system for sows under group management.


It ideally combines the advantages of animal-friendly housing and feeding adapted to suit each individual animal.


Individual, computer-controlled feeding allows the feed supply to be related to the condition of the sow and to be controlled precisely. Uniquely, with a feeding-ondemand system the sows can be selected automatically according to their feeding needs.


Each sow is marked by a transponder ear tag. When a sow enters the empty feeding station, an entry signal is triggered off by a light barrier. As soon as the sow has entered CALLMATIC 2, the entrance door is closed automatically.


The computer identifies the sow by means of an antenna located in the trough flap. If the sow is entitled to receive feed, this will automatically be metered out into the trough in small amounts. As soon as she has finished feeding, the trough flap will be closed automatically.


If the sow is not entitled to feed, the trough flap will remain shut and the sow is directed towards the exit by means of a mechanical guidance system.


After she has left the station, the entrance door opens again after a few seconds, thus allowing the next sow to feed.


This system allows a maximum group of 60 sows per station.


The station has solid side partitions so that each sow can eat peacefully;


CALLMATIC 2 can easily be adapted to the existing house design thanks to its modular construction.  The system's very precise feed metering results in no after-flow.


The passive transmitter in the ear tag of the sow works without a battery. An additional antenna can be installed in the boar pen for identifying hogging sows.


Each feeding-on-demand station is equipped with one storage tank (max. 2) per feed type. The tanks are charged by the corresponding silo. The storage tank of the last feeding-on-demand station is equipped with a sensor.


As soon as the feed level falls below the minimum permissible feed level, this sensor triggers off a signal and the storage tank is filled again.


The computer checks on the sensors of each tank. As soon as the feed level falls below the minimum permissible, the indicated feed quantity will be mixed in the mixing tank and dispensed.


Liquid feed circulates through the pipes installed above the feeding-on-demand stations. If a sow is identified as entitled to feed, the respective valve opens and fills the metering unit. This amount of feed is immediately emptied into the trough.


It is also possible to distribute two different feed types when a second storage tank and a second piping system is installed.


The article also provides floor plans of housing options when using Callamatic.


For more of the article, please click here (1.7 MB file)

Article made possible through the contribution of Big Dutchman.

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