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Formulating feed for broiler performance

Dr. K. R. Gunasekar



Nutrition plays a vital role in enabling the decreasing marketing age of broilers.


Formulating feed ideally requires in-depth knowledge of several parameters such as the energy level to be maintained in the diet, balancing the amino acid profile and electrolytes of feed etc..


The article suggests several critical parameters for formulating broiler feed.


It stresses the importance of analyzing for quality parameters after purchasing raw materials. The ideal quality parameters for some key raw materials are mentioned for feeds such as soya de-oiled cake and fishmeal and maize.


The article also argues the case for digestible amino acids. Since the raw materials vary in digestibility, it is necessary to consider digestible amino acids whilst formulating the feed to ensure optimum performance. Further, feed formulations made by using digestible amino acids will economise feed cost for equal performance.


The article helpfully works out the energy amino acid ratio useful in extracting the maximum

genetic capacity of broilers.


The article also explains a way to arrive at an ideal amino acid profile by balancing the other critical amino with reference to lysine.


The use of animal fat and vegetable fat in feeds is covered in the article, including the ideal ratio of unsaturated and saturated fats and other factors that need to be taken into account when using fats in feeds.


Other topics include calcium requirements, electrolyte balancing ( Sodium, Potassium and Chloride) and immuno-modulation. The last examines ways to improve bird immuno status through nutrition. The report emphasizes a well-balanced feed as key to raising immunity.


The article also includes summer management of poultry and micro-nutrient optimization.


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