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Phytogenic feed additives in swine production: Theory and practice
Matt Pearce

Phytogenic feed additives are gathering much attention in the prevention of common swine diseases and for the maintenance of optimum health. Natural phytogenic compounds such as essential oils are of particular interest to feed manufacturers' and swine farmers' because of their ease of application, remedial benefits and economic return on investment.


Phytogenics are also of interest to consumers because they are considered to be "green" alternatives to synthetic compounds, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for approval of newly developed synthetic compounds due to the expense of in-vitro and in-vivo toxicological and safety testing procedures.


With the development of bacterial resistance to antibiotics in both humans and animals, there is a strong need to use a broad spectrum alternative to guarantee feed and food safety. 


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Article made possible through the contribution of Meriden Animal Health.
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