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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 6:04:24 PM
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Big Dutchman Euro Vent
Big Dutchman



Big Dutchman's EUROVENT-EU is a manure belt battery which complies with animal welfare laws and EU directive 1999/74 dated July 19, 1999 without losing the benefit of providing cost-effective egg production.


Currently all systems from 2012 and beyond must meet the following requirements:


1) At least 750 cm2 cage floor space per bird, 600 cm2 must be usable;


2) the total cage floor space must be at least 2000 cm2;


3) Cage height at least 45 cm; at least 12 cm trough space per hen;


4) Every bird must have access to at least 2 nipple drinkers;


5) Nest and litter bath must be available;


6) 15 cm perch per bird;


7) Each cage compartment must be equipped with a claw-shortening device;


8) The floor slope must not exceed 14 % or 8o;


9) Passage width between the cage rows must be at least 90 cm;


10) At least 35 cm distance between the house floor and the bottom tier.


The Big Dutchman chain feeder is a reliable and cost-effective feeding system. The chain feeder transports the feed smoothly and without separation of the ingredients. The deep feed trough has an inner rim which minimises feed loss while the feed chain is moved by a single drive per feed circuit.


This leads to a  highly efficient, low maintenance and space saving system. The system also has a galvanized system to ensure a long productive life.


Other features include vertical lights that would spread lighting to all tiers, as well as features that would enhance the safety and hygiene of the eggs. The system also features perches for the hens for more comfort and better posture as well as air mixers that enhance the overall layer environment.


Diagrams and photos of the system are available.



For more of the article, please click here (1.15MB)


Article made possible through the contribution of Big Dutchman.

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