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Feeding the yield-type broiler for optimum performance
Michael Hellwig, James A. Ranson

The live weight of the yield-type broiler is increasing each year. This is driven by the demand for deboned meat and the reduction of per-unit meat processing cost at heavier weights. It is quite common to process straight-run broilers at 2.5-3.2 kg in the US while some companies exceed 3.6 kg live weight.


Producing these heavy broilers requires adequate nutrition to promote early skeletal development, optimise live bird performance and allow the bird to express its meat yield potential. The dietary density needed for optimum performance has increased as the amount of feed per unit gain (FCR) has decreased. This requires a balance of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and energy.


Proper management programmes such as temperature control, ventilation and lighting are also very important, as well as bird health.


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