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Fresh fish for high quality fish meal
Dr. Christian Luckstadt and Dr. Kai Kuhlmann

The world-wide supply of fish meal is presently stable at 6 to 6.5 million t a year. On the other hand the percentage of high quality fish meal of the total amount of fish meal is expected to surge during the next 30 years.


Acid preservation of fish and fish viscera to produce fish silage has been a common practice and its final product has been widely used in fish feeds with reported beneficial effects. It is a widely used method in many European countries to preserve fish-by-products as well as freshly caught ''industrial fish'' for further fish meal or fish oil production with formic acid, acetic acid or potassium diformate in order to prolong fishing time or to extend the storage duration of those fish.


The present studies examined the effectiveness of a liquid blend of potassium diformate, antioxidant and corrosion inhibitor (FISHFORM) as a preservative for sardines, caught in the Indian Ocean, under Asian fish storage conditions.


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