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A strategic approach to feeding piglets weaned at light body weight
Peter van't Veld

Due to genetic improvements, the number of piglets live born per litter shows a tendency to increase slightly per year.


In 2008, sows on Dutch farms on average produced 13.0 live born piglets per litter. Currently the most productive farms consistently produce over 13,5 live born piglets per litter. There is a high probability that in at least a part of the litters one or two piglets suck an unproductive teat.


Even in some cases more piglets are born than teats are available. This results in a, basically avoidable, increase of piglet mortality or a raise in number of light or runt piglets around weaning.


Denkavit developed a special feeding concept to handle this issue, based on using Denkapig Baby Wean, a specialty piglet feed characterised by a very good acceptance and digestibility.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Denkavit.

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