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The Impact of Wall Material in Coated Butyrate

Lai Zhouwen

Butyrate exists naturally in feedstuff for milk products and porcine soluble protein. The higher the percentage of the feedstuff in the diet, the less significantly butyrate performs. Therefore, when the prices of milk products and porcine soluble protein soar, butyrate as a dietary supplement becomes cost effective.


While butyrate is classified as a feed ingredient in Europe, the energy value of butyrate is considerable. Among all energy ingredients for epitherial cells, butyric acid is highest, recorded at 17.6 MJ/Kg net energy for swine. On EU feed labels, a certain amount of fat is allocated to pure sodium butyrate. Besides its net energy value, butyrate enhances the layer Apparent Metabolic Energy (AME) by up to 5.99% and piglet Digestible Energy (DE) by up to 3.65% after dietary supplements of 0.03% and 0.1% butyrate respectively. The trials were conducted for 60 and 28 days respectively.

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