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High pressure processing technology in poultry products
Francisco Purroy Balda

High Pressure Processing of food (HPP) is an emerging and well-accepted technique in the production of many high value-added products worldwide. It involves submitting food products in their final packaging to high hydrostatic, isostatic pressures.


HPP is generally described as a sort of cold post-packaging pasteurisation to maintain the original organoleptic quality of ingredients while destroying microorganisms at the same time. 


The poultry processing industry has been one of the main targets of the HPP technology in the last couple of years. As a whole, the processed poultry industry wants its products -- mainly cooked, roasted, grilled and RTE-chicken and turkey -- to be natural, minimally processed, artificial ingredient-free and high value added. At the same time, however, it wants them to have a longer shelf life for better stock and logistics management and access to export markets where food safety and quality standards are very high. 


Keeping meat products close to natural, free of pathogens yet remain unspoiled for sometime has been a technological challenge for sometime. But current commercial HPP applications on poultry products in North America and Europe show that this could be done.


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Article made possible through the contribution of NC Hyperbaric.

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