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The way forward with organic acids
Mathieu Calmont and Justin Y.W. Tan
Organic acids have gained worldwide acceptance as the choice replacement for Antibiotic Growth Promoters (AGPs) in livestock feed. This is due to their ability to kill pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease and deter the growth performance of livestock.

The antimicrobial activity of organic acids enables such additives to be widely used in the preservation of livestock feed, silages, cereals and grains. Organic acids are known to be effective both in reducing bacterial contamination as well as preventing mould growth in livestock feedstuffs.


However, despite its proven effects and benefits as an antimicrobial agent, the use of acidifiers in animal feed remains limited. This is mainly due to its detrimental properties, as pure organic acids are corrosive and volatile in nature, resulting in its likeliness to cause serious damage to equipment and work areas, and thorough cleaning needs to be undertaken after its use.


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