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Role of antioxidant in chicken nutrition
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Vitamin C is water soluble and an antioxidant vitamin. Antioxidants block the damage caused by free radicals and by-products. Under comfort environmental zone, poultry can biosynthesise ascorbic acid in the renal medulla and cortex.


However, exogenous ascorbic acid is not sufficient taking into consideration the present demand from the birds, therefore supplementation of vitamin C is essential to bridge the gap. Synthetic vitamin C has limitations such as being highly unstable, quickly excreted from physiological system, poor retention, comparatively very expensive, and it reacts with metals.


Phytocee is a synergistic combination of chosen herbs which replaces the bio activity of vitamin C. The phytoactives of Phytocee possess a potent ability to donate an atom and acts as a natural antioxidant.

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