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Methionine: the requisite amino acids for poultry
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Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins in the body, can be categorised into essential and non-essential. Essential amino acids (EAAs) are required in high quantity since non synthesised in the body. EAAs are supplemented through ingredients and synthetic source in feed. The gut activity like optimum secretion of pancreatic juices and protease activation play critical role in utilisation of amino acids.


Chickens are unable to synthesise the methionine in amounts necessary to sustain life and growth. Methionine is the first limiting essential amino acid in corn and soy-based diets for poultry. Usually, large amounts of vegetable protein supplements are used in feeds, with low levels of animal and fish as protein source.


Synthetic methionine is metabolised into highly toxic compounds such as methylpropionate, thereby, adversely affecting the performance of the birds (Bender, 1975). Synthetic methionine is listed among the prohibited synthetic substances and its usage has been questioned in organic farming practices (Anonymous, 1999). Availability and price area also the sensitive factors for the synthetic methionine inclusion in modern feed formulation. Keeping these facts in mind, its a high time to think about an alternative.


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