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Getting started in aquaculture

Marley Beem


This article is an introduction to aquaculture.

The article first dispels the common myths about aquaculture farming such as it being an easy undertaking. The article stresses that not only is aquaculture an operation that requires close management and hard work, it also contains an element of risk.

The article first gives a brief overview of the difficulties involved in setting up a farm before moving on to the suitable species that can be reared for aquaculture, such as baitfish, catfish, crawfish and even frogs.

In the brief introduction to the species, it also explains why certain subspecies are not suitable for indoor aquaculture and the temperatures for each species. 

Shrimps, always a favourite,is also featured in this article.

Different production systems, such as the suitability of a pond or cage system is discussed. The article also highlights the pitfalls to avoid when choosing ponds and cages. There is also a section on continuous flow systems and re-circulation systems and the bio-safety considerations of each.

The article even touches on marketing aquaculture produce and financing an aquaculture venture.

It includes a questionnaire for the aspiring aquaculture farmer to assess whether he/she is suited to aquaculture.

The article also dispenses some down-to-earth advice such as imitation and not innovation as the key to success for beginners in aquaculture.



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Article made possible through the contribution of the Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service.

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