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Thursday, June 28, 2018 3:41:48 PM
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Dairy Farming in India: Burning Problems and their Management Introduction
Dr. Anugrah Gupta
Dairy farming in India starts to shift from Un - organised to organised Dairy Sector in India, but the speed of modernization is very slow. Hundreds of dairy farms were opened with most modern design, equipment and best breed animals. But not even 50% of those dairy farms are operational now. Frankly speaking, professional dairy farming has gone through a crisis in India in the last 5 years. Many crucial problems arise due to faulty management practice, reduce the dairy profitabilityand demotivate the Dairy owner. Apart from this price of milk, unavailability of proper marketing channel, exploitation by mediocre are also act as co-factor and reduce the dairy farm profitability.
Major constrains in dairy farming are:
Started by people who did not have any knowledge on dairy farming, reproductive cycle, nutritional aspects of animals, and starts dairy farming only for money as a secondary business.Improper ealthcare services also effects dairy profitability adversely. Today the major challenges in dairy farm are:
  1.  Reproductive disorders due to Improper nutrition, Lower Sperm Quality

  2.  Reduced Production due to Improper Nutrition and Disease Conditions (e.g. Mastitis)
Reproductive Disorders:
Reproductive disorders consider as Inability or Reduce ability to timely come in Heat / Conception. It can be inherent (uncurable) or acquired (uncurable / curable).

Mastitis is generally defined as the inflammation of the mammary gland. It is a costly and complex disease with variable origin, severity and outcome depending on the environment pathogen and host (Thompson - Crispi et al., 2014). The bovine mammary gland is an extraordinary organ that can produce more than 6000 kg milk per lactation, and damage to the mammary tissue reduces the number and activity of milk producing epithelial cells and contributes to decreased milk production, reduced milk quality, decline in animal health and welfare, and added cost of treatment (Sharma and Jeong, 2013).


Mastitis generally occurs when immunity is suppressed, Nutritional Deficiency (Majorly Zn, Vit E, Vit A and Se) and pathogens are prevalent in environment. It can also occur due to physical injury to udder also.  
Major Pathogens cause mastitis in dairy farmare E. coli, Klebsiella spp., S. aureus, S. dysgalactiae, and S. agalactiae other pathogens are Corynebaterium bovis and coagulase negative Staphylococci (CNS).
Majorly Mastitis classified as:
  1.  Clinical mastitis

  2.  Sub-clinical mastitis

Control and Preventio of Mastitis
Mastitis is a multifactorial disease, closely related to the Nutrition, Production system and Environment in which the cow are kept. Control must take a holistic approach which encompasses:

  1.  Proper Nutritional approach (Feed Formulation and use of Mineral Mixture e.g. NATURAMIN GOLD from Natural Remedies
       Pvd Ltd)

  2.  Masttitis detection and treatment (judicious use of antibiotics along with additional Herb therapy e.g. Wisprec Advan from
       Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd)

  3.  Milking practic (Cleaning of Teats, Utensils, and Hands before and after Milking)

  4.  Dairy Farm's Environment (Daily cleaning of Manger/Milking Area etc)


Majorly Reproductive failures occurs due to nutritional deficiencies and improper management of reproductive cycle. Provision of Additional Nutritional supplement is essential to cure Reproductive disorders. In all production related disease mastitis is very prone in dairy farms and economic loss is huge due to mastitis every year. Mastitis occurs in dairy Farm, when nutritional aspect of dairy farm is not up to mark, it is essential to provide Proper Feed / Nutritional supplement, judicial use of Therapeutic agentsand maintain the proper Hygiene to reduce the risk of Mastitis and provision of nutritive supplement for better reproductive performance in Dairy Farm.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Natural Remedies

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