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The benefits of enterosorbents in dairy cows

Dr Fang Chi

The dairy cow's immune system and clinical health respond to constantly changing stresses and disease challenges. The stresses and disease challenges include parturition, weather, disease, farm management, quality of feeds, feed ingredients and forage, etc. When the stress and disease challenge level is above the threshold that a cow can handle, clinical symptoms will occur.


However, if stress and disease management technologies are employed on a daily basis, it will reduce the stress and disease challenge below the cow's tolerance threshold, therefore clinical signs will not occur and the performance of the cow will improve.


Based on the hypothesis above, we conducted a 12 month feeding trial (between 2005 and 2006) involving over two hundred and eighty lactating cows. The cows were fed commercial feeds with or without 0.3% addition of calcium montmorillonite enterosorbent in concentrated feeds.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Amlan International.

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