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Economic Use of Brewer's Dried Grain (BDG) in the Diet of Swine
T.B. Rijal , D.B. Nepali, R. A. Sah and M.P. Sharma

Brewers' dried grain (BDG) is a solid waste from the brewery industries. It is available and cheap but difficult to dry to low moisture content for easy storage and use, especially during the wet seasons. There is wide variability in the proximate composition of BDG depending on the brewery that produced it. Feed accounts for about 65-70% of the cost of producing market-weight swine.


Through the years, efforts have been made to optimise feed efficiency so that feed costs might be reduced. Such efforts depend on knowledge of nutrients availability in feed ingredients and the requirements of the pig for those nutrients for various physiological states.


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The article was contributed by the Nepal Journal of Science and Technology.

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