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Thursday, May 24, 2007 2:59:16 PM
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Orego-Stim for the lactating sow and its litter

Meriden Animal Health


Large differences in sow productivity exist from one management system to another. These variations are considerably impacted by the distinctive feed and feeding programmes in a sow's reproductive lifetime. Proper feeding during gestation conditions the sow and enables her to manage feed intake during lactation resulting in a greater number of heavier piglets weaned.


Adequate feed intake during lactation along with proper health care, will not only benefit the litter currently on the sow, but also improve the sow's overall reproductive performance in subsequent litters, when considering farrowing rate and the number of piglets born alive.


Problems arise, especially in young sows, if they do not consume enough feed during lactation to meet their energy requirements for maintenance, growth and milk production.


In order to achieve higher sow productivity, it is important to understand the breeding and reproductive cycle. Sow productivity depends heavily on feed management of the breeding female population.


A complete reproductive cycle is one of the most energetically expensive and challenging activities that a sow can undertake. Veterinarians, nutritionists and reproductive physiologists have emphasised the need for a consistent and high level of feed intake during lactation.


Orego-Stim is a natural, phytogenic feed additive containing oregano essential oil, extracted from a specific chemotype of Origanum vulgare ssp. hirtum. This exquisite hybrid species of oregano is derived from a selective plant-breeding programme developed by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and grown commercially under strictly controlled plantation conditions in the mountainous slopes of Greece.


Meriden Animal Health exclusively uses availability of this pure oregano oil for the manufacture of Orego-Stim. The oil's composition consists predominantly of a unique ratio and concentration of natural phenolic compounds carvacrol and thymol, which are known to be powerful antimicrobial agents.


Phenols kill organisms such as bacteria through its toxic effect on the cell wall, by denaturing and coagulating the proteins within the cell wall structure. The increase in permeability causes leakage of cellular constituents, resulting in water imbalance and cell death.


Phenols are well-known aromatic substances that are commonly used as flavourings. The natural phenols contained within Orego-Stim act as appetisers to enhance feed palatability. Its isoprenoids stimulate both the senses of smell and taste in pigs, by triggering the olfactory and glossopharyngeal pathways of the cranial nerves, stimulating more saliva production. As a result, the lactating sow consumes more feed, which leads to higher milk production.


Besides increasing the villus-crypt depth ratio, Orego-Stim stimulates production of digestive enzymes in the gut that are essential for the digestion process. This ensures optimal utilisation of feed for the lactating sow and her litter.


Orego-Stim also minimises the risk of disease transmission from the sow to her litter, especially during the first few days after farrowing, by reducing the amount of pathogens in her faeces.


When used in creep feed, it acts as an appetiser to help piglets get accustomed quickly to consuming solid feed, while at the same time hastening development and maturity of their digestive systems.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Meriden Animal Health.

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