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Densified TMR - A newer nutrient delivery system for feeding dairy animals in tropics

T.K. Walli



Many of the countries in the tropical region are facing chronic feed shortage, due to variety of factors like: huge animal population, static or shrinking land area available for the cultivation of fodder crops, lack of well managed pastures, non availability of grains for bovine feeding, and the shortage of oil cakes.


In fact, the shortage of quality feeds is more severe, as the fibrous crop residues constitute the bulk of the roughages and the agro-industrial byproducts as the concentrate component of the feed. It is not just the limited feed resources and their lower quality, but also the inefficient management of these feed resources, which leads to the sub optimal performance of dairy animals.


During the last two decades enormous research efforts have been made in several tropical countries, including India, to improve the nutritional quality and feed conversion efficiencies of these feeds.


Densified complete feed block technology developed recently has the potential to address some of the problems related to feeds and feeding to dairy animals in tropics. The mechanically pressed 14-15 kg feed block provides complete balanced ration to the animal for 24 hours, since it has both the components of the ration added in different proportions as per the level of milk production, coupled with several feed additives and mineral supplements.


Apart from the advantages of easy handling, storage and transportation, block feeding results in minimum feed wastage, lesser environmental pollution and has a scope for value addition through continuous research efforts. Densified Complete Feed Block or Densified TMR (Total Mixed Ration) is a novel method of providing balanced feed to dairy animals in areas where farmers have no idea about scientific feeding of animals as per feeding standards.



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