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Friday, April 11, 2008 5:27:40 PM
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Economic factors affecting cow herd performance

Ruslyn Ramsey, Damona Doye, Clement Ward


Economic performance of the beef cow-calf or cow herd enterprise can be measured in alternative ways. Three mea­sures of performance, among others, are cost of production, pounds of calves produced, and rate of return on assets. Using these performance measures and SPA (Standardized Performance Analysis) data from New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas, research at Oklahoma State University found key factors that influence economic performance. The objective of the research was to utilize unique data to identify economic factors within a ranch manager's control that are important in determining economic performance.


The SPA software program is developed to integrate financial records and production records into a single analytical tool. The SPA software utilizes enterprise accounting concepts, focusing on the cow-calf production process through wean­ing the calf.


The research information can be found in the 11 figures in the article.


Variables included in regression models and their influ­ence on performance measures are also discussed in the article, including:

    • Cow herd size
    • Investment in land (real estate)
    • Investment in machinery and equipment
    • Investment in livestock
    • Feed fed
    • Calving percentage
    • Calving death loss
    • Breeding season length
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Article made possible through the contribution of Oklahoma State University.

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