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Growth promotion in broilers
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Poultry rearing is for the purpose of meat production or egg production. Broilers are poultry developed for meat production therefore the main focus is to improve growth, which can be achieved through various measures including the use of feed additives to enhance broiler performance in terms of body weight gain.


However, there are most usually too many growth-promoting substances that claim to improve performances. These products are non-nutritional and often contain nothing that contributes directly towards meeting the animals' requirement for nutrients. However, many have been found to be highly cost effective when added to feed.


Selection of a growth-promoter must be based on safety and reliability to produce high economic returns. The most widely used are the antimicrobial agents, including antibiotics.


There has been great interest in the use of other non-nutritive substances such as acidifiers, probiotics, enzymes, herbal products, microflora enhancers and immunomodulators.


The article will discuss the use of feed supplements such as antibiotics, probiotics and etc.


Other included feed supplements are acidifiers and pH optimizers; carotenoids; chemical antimicrobials; herbal product; metabolic peptides and others.


Good hygiene and husbandry practises are also extremely important for flocks to perform efficiently. The article will give effective methods to improve environment for poultry flocks.


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