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Livestock Production
Thursday, March 27, 2008 2:15:14 PM
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Tailoring boars for more uniformity in finishing pigs
Benny van Haandel



When one looks at pig production worldwide, there is some difference in favoured sire choices in each region. The North American market appears to favour the Duroc breed while a large of Europe favours Pietrain and Yorkshire-derived terminal sires.


It is important to distinguish between carcass and meat quality, for they have different requirement definition. Carcass quality is related to fat and muscle distribution in the carcass and etc., whereas meat quality is related to texture, taste, juiciness and etc.


The article will explain why uniformity is probably the most important trait in pork quality and what can contribute to uniformity in meat quality.


A range of factors that affect uniformity are,

    • Genetics
    • Birth weight and weaning weights
    • Stocking density
    • Disease
    • Phase feeding and split sex feeding
    • Feeding management
    • Production management
    • Social effects

The article touches on each of the factors with specific explanation and it will also further expand on the topic of genetics, explaining how differentiation through genetics is a logical choice.


For more of the article, please click here


Article made possible through the contribution of Hypor.

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