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Natural Growth Promoters a sustainable solution to improve gut health and performance in aquaculture species

Pedro Encarnacao



Feed transformation into biomass gain is a process that starts in the animal's digestive system. As such, the digestive system's health and functionality is of direct relation to the farmer's economic returns.


The gastrointestinal tract is responsive and sensitive to a wide range of stressors. Helpful to the situation is a well-balanced intestinal micro-flora that helps the digestive and absorptive process as well as protects the host against invading pathogens.


Antibiotic is the most common strategy that is used to stave off bacterial and viral threat problems. However, frequent use could result in pathogens adapting to antibiotics therefore becoming resistant to it.


Flora health is a new concept that underlines the importance of microbiota to intestinal health and performances. The more sustainable options to manage gut microflora and fish performance include the use of,

    •  Probiotics
    •  Prebiotics
    •  Immune-stimulants
    •  Phycophytic substances
    •  Organic acids

To develop performance at high level, the animal's digestive system and health status cannot be neglected. There are increasing evidence from researches that several natural feed additives can have a beneficial effect on the animals by supporting a well balanced gut microflora and improving gut health and performances.


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