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Smallholder dairying in the Asia-Pacific region

Brian Dugdill, Nancy Morgan



Dairying is practised in many countries of the Asia-Pacific region in the form of smallholders and small traders. Dairying is one of the fastest returns for livestock keepers and it also provides regular returns to farmers, and enhances nutrition and food security. Consumption has bloated up but local production has not kept pace with demand and imports continue to grow.


The project to lift the involvement of smallholder dairy farmers was started in 2007 and is slated to complete in March 2008, and a three-phased approach was used to implement the project.


Phase 1 is rapid studies on nine countries, Phase 2 is based on the outcome of the rapid studies, and Phase 3 involves a regional workshop to outline the strategy and country action plans. Seven successful models are listed in the study.


To facilitate comparative analysis of the lessons drawn from the studies that are inclusive and exclusive of smallholder milk producers, five influencing factors were used and they are grouped to whether they are mainly influenced by the private sector and the public sector.


Three lessons related to the public sector are governments, government investment, and graduation.


Three lessons related to the private sector are level of engagement, milk quality and product presentation, and value addition.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations.

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