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The effect of the feed oil and protein source on the deposition and depletion of oxolinic acid in farmed atlantic salmon
Bjørn Tore Lunestad, Merat Behzadzadeh, Ole Samuelsen, Marit Espe and Marc H.G. Berntssen
Aquaculture food products are a major and growing source of food for humans. A continuous growth in production of culture species is highly dependent on a stable and sustainable supply of feed ingredients.

Fishmeal has traditionally been based on marine fish oil and fish meal.


Due to limitations in available marine resources, there is currently a need to find replacements for fish meal and fish oil, without affecting the growth performance, the health and welfare of the fish, or consumer acceptability and health benefits from fish consumption. A recent development of suitable vegetable ingredients or marine ingredients, such as krill meal is thus the partial replacement of conventional marine feed ingredients.


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