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CpG oligonucleotides bind TLR9 and RRM-Containing proteins in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)


Dimitar B Iliev, Ingrid Skjæveland and Jorunn B Jørgensen

Bacterial DNA is well-known for its potent immunostimulatory properties which have been attributed tothe abundance of CpG dinucleotides within the genomes of prokaryotes. Research has found that mammalian TLR9 is a receptor which mediates the immune response to CpG DNA; however, its functional properties in non-mammalian vertebrates are still poorly characterised.


In the current study, TLR9 from Atlantic salmon (SsTLR9) has been found to interact with synthetic oligonucleotides via a CpG-independent but a pH-dependent mechanism. It also identifies additional molecules which may function as mediators of the immunostimulatory properties of foreign DNA.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Dimitar B. Iliev et. Al. and Biomed Central.

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