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Effects of Orego-Stim on growth and coccidiosis in dairy calves
Matt Pearce
Essential oil based feed additives are used in commercial livestock agriculture as proven effective methods to promote animal health. Scientific research and development combined with the strategic application of essential oil additives in the feed industry create highly efficient animal production systems.
To date, most research has been conducted in pigs, chickens and aquaculture; however it has been proved that bovine animals are also able to benefit from the antibacterial, anti-parasitic and gut modifying properties of essential oils. These essential oil compounds indeed have a complimentary effect on the fermentative and digestion processes of multi-stomached ruminant animals for increased optimisation of animal performance.

Orego-Stim, an essential oil based feed, improves the function of the gut in mature and breeding animals which leads to better immunity, elevated antibodies in colostrum, improved birth weight and growth of young.


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