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Changes in poultry handling behaviour and poultry mortality reporting among rural Cambodians in areas affected by H5N1
Maria D. Van Kerkhove, Sowath Ly, Javier Guitian, Davun Holl, Sorn San, Punam Mangtani, Azra Ghani, Sirenda Vong

Since 2004, 21 highly pathogenic bird flu H5N1 outbreaks in domestic poultry and eight human cases have been confirmed in Cambodia. As a result, a large number of bird flu education campaigns have been ongoing in provinces in which outbreaks have occurred in humans and/or domestic poultry.


The 2006 study found that despite widespread knowledge on bird flu, most rural Cambodians undertook high-risk practices when handling poultry. This study report the results of a second cross-sectional survey conducted in the same two provinces in November-December 2007 to evaluate changes in poultry handling behaviours since the initial survey.


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Article made possible through the contribution of PLoS One.

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