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Evaluation of cleaning and disinfection procedures against Salmonella enterica at swine farms, transport and lairage facilities
Hector Argüello, Rubio, P., Jaramillo, A., Barrios, V., García, M., Carvajal, A. (University of Leon, Spain)

Salmonella enterica is one of the most common and widely distributed food-borne pathogens. The bacteria can contaminate almost any food type although raw eggs, poultry and pork are the most common sources of human outbreaks of salmonellosis. Contamination can occur at any point of the food chain including primary production. Due to the ability of Salmonella to survive during large periods of time in the environ­ment, particularly in the presence of organic matter, cleaning protocols are of outstanding importance.

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Article made possible through the contribution of Mr Hector Argüello.

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