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Starter pig recommendations

KSU Applied Swine Nutrition Team



A successful nursery feeding program con­tains several components, but the most important are as follows:

    • Start with as heavy and as old a pig as feasible.
    • Adjust pigs to the lowest cost diets (usually growing - finishing diets) as quickly as possible after weaning to reduce total cost.
    • Newly weaned pigs are in an extremely energy deficient state. Thus, maximizing feed intake is important.
    • Remember biology of pig when formulating diets.
    • Provide the proper management to start pigs promptly on feed and water and continually adjust feeders to optimize feed efficiency.

The article also mentions phase feeding programmes for nursery pigs as well as the lysine and other amino acid levels that are necessary. It also focuses on the different feed types suitable for nursery pigs of different weights and phases of growth. The article also highlights the benefits pelleted feed over meal and issues warnings on common faults to look out for when using meals. 


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Article made possible through the contribution of Kansas State University.

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