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Maximising weaning weight

Weaning weight is an extremely important component of Weaning Capacity and also has a major influence on growth and feed efficiency from weaning to market. An increase in weaning weight of 0.5kg, which is possible on many farms, can boost Weaning Capacity by up to 35kg, assuming 70 pigs weaned per sow lifetime.


Genetics plays a significant role in improving weaning weight and rigorous selection for teat number and quality, together with physical robustness, results in females that can support big litters and produce large amounts of milk.


Daily feed intake of sows is an important trait in maternal lines, which is highly heritable and directly linked to growth performance and feed conversion. Feed intake in lactation partly determines traits like milk production and body condition loss during lactation.


For optimal technical and financial results it is necessary to have sows produce as much milk as possible because it is the best and cheapest feed for piglets producers can get.


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