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Utilization of spray dried Hemoglobin powder in shrimp feeds
Eric De Muylder, Djamal Ouali, Leon Claessens, Wang Guangjun, Sophia Xue and Geert van der Velden

As a result of the scarceness of fish meal and higher demand, resulting in increasing prices, there is a growing interest to replace fish meal with other protein sources. Vegetable protein sources are widely available but the replacement of fish meal by those vegetable proteins is limited in some aquatic species. The main nutritional problems associated with higher utilization of vegetable protein sources are unbalanced amino acid profile, lower digestibility of amino acids, high fiber content, presence of anti-nutritional factors and low availability of Phosphorus. This is especially true for more carnivorous fish species or for aquatic species with a rudimentary digestive system such as larval fish, juveniles and shrimp.


Processed Animal Proteins are a valuable source of proteins and should be considered as alternative protein source in those diets. Spraydried Hemoglobin Powder needs to be considered because of its high protein content and digestibility.


In larval fish, carnivorous fish and shrimp the availability of proteins and amino acids is a limiting factor for growth. Hemoglobin powder is spray-dried, resulting in a non-denatured product with a higher digestibility.


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Article made possible through the contribution of Sonac.

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