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Grouping the commercial beef herd for winter feeding
Shane Gadberry

Nutrition-related costs usually account for 60 percent or more of the total annual variable costs of producing a weaned calf. Over 50 percent of the total feed costs are incurred during the winter feeding period. Because of the magnitude of winter feed costs, it is advantageous to develop a feeding and management program that will allow the cow herd to be carried through the winter at least cost. Since cattle in different developmental stages or intended use have different nutrient and management requirements, separation of the herd into groups with similar nutrient and management requirements is desirable.


Not only does the quality and quantity of feed needed for each group vary but each group also has unique management requirements that are influenced by age and stage of production. Specific feeding and management of the various production groups follows.


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Article made possible through the contribution of University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service

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