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Friday, August 26, 2016
Alex Diana and Tilman Wilke, Dr. Eckel
Industrial scale aquaculture relies on the advantages of highly nutritious pelletized compound feed. The use of feed additives such as acidifiers has become a vital component of modern aquaculture production systems that are often threatened by on-farm disease in order to attain sustainable growth and high production rates.
Young animals like piglets need special care in feeding. At weaning stage, piglets need to cope with the change from suckling milk to eating solid feeds while their digestive system is not fully developed. This is also the reason why piglets are very sensitive with anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) in feed ingredients. Thus, piglets easily get stressed, reduce feed intake, decrease growth performance and have diarrhea. Providing high digestible and high quality feed becomes a "must" to support piglets overcome this tough time.
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