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Thursday, May 26, 2016
Dr. Srijit Tripathi, M.V.Sc. and Ayurvet Limited
The term "mycotoxins" arose from the Greek words "mykes", meaning mould, and "toxicum" meaning poison. Mycotoxins refers to toxic secondary metabolites produced by the fungus during storage and handling of the feed or feed crops. They usually enter into the poultry production system through feed or bedding materials and destroy the production and profitability of the farm. Mycotoxins directly affects growth and production performance of the birds and therefore, controlling mycotoxins is crucial for economical production ...
High swine prices and profitability for farms may be hiding deep-seated problems in swine health. The disease situation for swine has not changed significantly, and the level of feed management remains low. According to available statistics, average litter size is a mere 15.9 head per sow, a far cry from the 25 head per sow levels seen in Denmark and the United States.
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